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There is a major flaw/breakdown in your...

Richmond, VA

There is a major flaw/breakdown in your administrative process regarding the payoff of customers' trade-in during after hours which cost me an additional $1150.39 the day after the purchase and the sale completed.. My deal on the car was absolutely great! My complaint is about the botched administrative process which left me holding the bag for an additional $1150.39 due to mitigating circumstances during the administrative process of completing the deal on the car and leaving your dealership about 10:00p.m. on May 31st. We did not arrive at the dealership until 8:47p.m.on Friday May 31st. The dealership was ready to close and there were at least five phone calls while we were in route to ascertain our whereabouts because the staff was waiting for us (wife and I) We drove up from Richmond after finalizing the deal around 5:45 p.m. and rushed in the traffic to make it to the dealership. We were asked by Shavan to scan and email a copy of drivers license and insurance information. Also who the bank holding the note on the 2010 Cadillac trade). I emailed the docs and advised that the bank was BB&T. I was told to bring my drivers license. It was made clear that It was important to complete the deal that day because the deal was for May 31, 2013 and not into the month of June according to your Sales staff Manager Kenny Smith.. Well from the moment we arrived things were in a mad rush... Shavan met us as we pulled into the dealer ship and had to relocate to another area on the side entrance, not the front where we parked initially. . It was now close to 9:00p.m. We were escorted back to an office. My wife had to go back to the car and get the registration . I was presented with an IPAD. Shavan asked about the payoff and I could not think immediately. He had me to come around to his computer and try to get into BB&T online account. I could not think of my password. I tried unsuccessfully for about 5 minutes and then he stated we had to go upstairs to another office, the finance manager to complete the paperwork. There was still a rush frenzy to get the payoff. . The finance manager, Craig last name unknown at the time, rushed in and he was advised as to the problem of the exact payoff. This left the pressure of the moment on me which I knew was approximately $15900 but in the moment of rushing and pressure to get the paperwork finished I give the figure of $14900. I was told that I would be responsible for the difference...and no other options were given to make sure the payoff was correct. Matter of fact, in the rush of the moment the Finance manager, had gotten the paperwork wrong in that he had my address recorded as 109 campus Drive which was my employment. He had to redo the form. He was frustrated too as well as I. He shredded the whole contract and started over... this is about 9:40p.m....I hurriedly signed and initialed the paper work...and I have one of the forms for the mileage on the trade in which was not signed properly because he was in such a hurry. He cut through the chase and I wrote the check for the $3000 down payment and he made a copy and put everything in an envelope and Shavan was called back up to get us. Everything was wonderful and we drove away...even got a text from Mr. Smith who drove our as we drove out wishing us safe journey. Mow here is the breakdown in the process and where I claim shared responsibility on behalf of the dealership. I do not claim to have not signed the paperwork regarding customer responsibility of difference in payoff amount. In this case the dealership was far beyond its normal hours and everyone was in a hurry to get out and no reasonable steps or effort was made to protect the customer in regards to the payoff amount which is the responsibility of the dealership and not the matter what you might say.... on Saturday morning at approximately 11:00a.m., I received a call from Craig Manes who informed me that he had gotten the payoff on my trade in and the difference was $1150.39. I literally like to fainted. This is unreasonable some 14 hours later and not the customer is on the hook when the dealer could have made available some options to wait until the a.m. to confirm the proper payoff. The dealer created the rush and pressure of the moment to complete the deal and everything was great until later. Moreover, other mistakes were made by the administrative process through the rush of the moment. I received a call from Dee Zones of acquire a copy of the registration which the manager failed to record and should have had..... My argument is that the mistake was created by the faulty process of the dealership... Yes, I signed the paper and now it seem that the process was normal whereby manager and staff sat the customer down and fully explained that the obligation of payoff difference was the customers and everything fully understood....That is a bunch of hogwash in this situation in that it was mentioned in a hot second and in the frustrating moment of trying to remember passwords etc... The dealership want was get the customer out the door and did just that. Yes, you have the customer's signature and you can hide behind that but YOUR PROCESS IS FAULTY IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES AS THIS ONE OCCURED. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE OCCURED WHERE I HAD TO FORK UP ANOTHER $1150.30 LESS THAN 14 HOURS LATER....ALL I GET NOW IT HHOW WONDERFRUL A DEAL I GOT...YES, I DO AGREE BUT THE WONDERFUL DEAL SHOULD NOT INCLUDE INCURRING ANOTHER $1150.30 THE NEXT DAY. I THINK THIS MATTER SHOULD BE RESOLVED IN A DIFFERENT WAY.... THE DEALERSHIP SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND REFUND THE CUSTOMER BECAUSE THEY CAUSE THE MISTAKE. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO HIDE BEHIND THE SIGNATURE WHICH YOU HAVE BUT I ASSURE YOU YOU CANNOT HONESTLY AGREE THAT THIS TRANSACTION SHOULD HAVE OCCURED IN THE MANNER IN WHICH IT DID. THANKS DR. JAMES TAYLOR PLEASE SEND ME MY $1150.39 BECAUEE YOUR FAULTY AFTERHOURS BUSINESS PRACTICE CAUSED THIS MATTER ADN LOSS TO CUSTOMER. THANKS FOR A GREAT DEAL BUT LIVE UP TO YOUR GREAT REPUTATION. I WILL SEE WHAT MR. MOORE HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS.

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